Asked my two S3 classes what they would like to learn about during the space topic. Going to be busy after the holidays......They may have a small obsession with black holes and life on other planets.... forresphysics photo
N5 were exhausted after a hard week so we decided to look at some line emission spectra. I went to see what gasses we had and discovered that the best ones Argon....🥁🥁🐍 #sorrynotsorry #chatphysics #iteachphysics forresphysics photo
Thank you to @ForresAcademyPE for the loan of the rug of war rope. Higher Physics wanted a go, so we used it to revise, forces,energy, power and momentum. #iteachphysics #chatphysics forresphysics photo
Connected to a Higher Physics students Sparkvue shared session to see the collision data from their Pasco Smart Carts and used Samsung Dex to display on the Promethean board for discussion. #iteachphysics #chatphysics forresphysics photo
If , lke me, you are a bit of a fan of thunder and lightning- you can track individual lightning strikes and see the thunder spreading outwards from the strike a this website. A bit of Physics-y fun during Morays storms tonight 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🌩
When end of term fun disguises education. National 5 using the air zooka to measure the speed of the ball of air it shoots using a graphical method. It was 3.3 m/s in case anybody was interested.. #iteachphysics #chatphysics forresphysics photo
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